Mary's  Platform

Mary on Police Reform

  • Repeal the 50-a statue - 50-a is a NY statue that allows the records of misconduct for police, fire and corrections officers to remain hidden. Repealing this statute would bring much needed transparency and accountability to police misconduct in our state.  

  • Pass the Safer New York act - This bill does many important things including authorizing the Attorney General's office with jurisdiction in all cases regarding police killings. This bill would help ensure thorough investigations and prosecutions

  • Demilitarize the police - New York needs to opt out of the 1033 program which transfers unused military equipment to local police departments. NY also needs to remove all military equipment from school districts and higher ed throughout the state.

  • Kick ICE out of NY - On the federal level ICE needs to be abolished. On the local level all police departments need to stop coordinating or working with ICE in any way.

  • Support the Police Stat Act - There is a bill in the NY state legislature that would force courts to track disparate law enforcement tactics. 

  • Support bill S01137A - This bill in the NY state legislature prohibits racial profiling and allows for monetary damages to victims of profiling.

  • Ban chokeholds

  • Mary supports city council defunding the NYPD by at least a billion dollars.

Mary on Criminal Justice

  • End cash bail.

  • Decriminalize sex work

  • Legalize marijuana and use the revenue generated to invest in communities most affected by the war on drugs.

  • Establish safe injection sites.  We should be treating addiction like a public health crisis, not a criminal one.

  • Mary believes ICE should be abolished and would seek to end police cooperation with ICE

  • Decriminalize simple drug possession

  • Invest in youth programing to try to thwart the school to prison pipeline

  • Invest in alternative to detention programs and other community led conflict resolution programming.

  • Increase funding to the Attorney Generals office to investigate murders of civilians by police.

  • End solitary confinement in New York which is equivalent to torture by fighting to pass the HALT act.

  • Repeal the “walking while trans” ban

  • Mary wants to decriminalize all forms of poverty.  This includes legalizing e-bikes and e-scooters and decriminalizing fare evasion.

  • Supports Ban the box legislation to ensure prior criminal histories don't interfere with present employment prospects.

  • Supports less is more legislation 

Mary on Climate

  • Public power - Profit should have no place in energy in the middle of a climate crisis.  That’s why Mary supports all three bills in the state assembly to put the energy sector into the public domain.

  • No to all new pipelines - Mary opposes all new pipelines including the Williams pipeline and the North BK pipelines.

  • Transit alternatives - Mary supports reducing our reliance on fossil fuel based transit increase alternatives such as improving bike infrastructure and improving mass transit

  • Bus electrification - Mary supports converting all buses to 100 percent electric power (considering 75 percent of bus depots are in communities of color, this is an environmental justice issue).

  • Divestment - Mary wants to have the state follow NYC lead and divest all NY state pension fund money from fossil fuel holdings

  • Green New Deal for New York - Considering the urgency of the climate crisis Mary will work for a 100 percent renewable transition and a Green New Deal for New York.  Any funding that is fought for should prioritize black and brown communities the most who suffer a disproportionate share of climate burdens.

  • Ensure the CLPCA becomes a reality - Last year we were able to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which aims to see an 85 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for NY by 2050.  To become a reality, these goals need to be aggressively fought for and constant pressure needs to remain.  Furthermore, the original bill had strong union protections and social justice language that was stripped (for example, 40 percent of all funding was to be put aside for low income communities, this was then stripped to 35 percent).  

Mary on Housing

  • Supports the passage of a Good Cause eviction that prevents no fault evictions and expands rent control throughout the state. 

  • End rent hikes caused by the major capital improvement’s loophole

  • End the 421a and 485a tax breaks.  In addition, Mary wants to add taxes to luxury development such as the pied-a-terre tax so that we can earn money off these mostly vacant luxury condos.

  • Wants to end the push towards privatization of NYCHA, and instead keep it fully funded and public

  • Support community land trusts as a way for New Yorkers to develop long standing deep affordability and community ownership.

  • Get rid of the income floor for affordable housing units to make them truly affordable for some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers

  • Housing is a human right.  As such, she wants to work to see the end of homelessness by passing a New York home’s guarantee, and expand services for people without homes.

Mary on Education

  • Universal pre-k for all

  • Universal childcare for all

  • Tuition free public college for all New Yorkers

  • Fight the subsidies that go to charter schools, and instead invest in public schools

  • Fight the education budget cuts that are being pushed by the Covid-19 pandemic budget

  • End the system whereby schools are funded by local property taxes. This creates inherent inequality based on class, race and location.  Instead new systems need to be created to increase equity in resources to all schools regardless of location.

  • Loan forgiveness programs happen for all students who have debt from attending college.

  • Social services should increase in schools as a way to mitigate the effects of the school to prison pipeline.  We need to find ways to help struggling students, not criminalize them.

Mary on Healthcare

  • Supports the New York health act - This would create a universal single payer health care system for all New Yorkers.

  • Healthcare should be truly universal, meaning accessible regardless of immigration status.

  • Universal healthcare means including reproductive health, vision and dental.

  • Fully fund mental health care and increase the availability of counseling and mental health care professionals available to all New Yorkers.  

  • Social services should increase in schools as a way to mitigate the effects of the school to prison pipeline.

  • Support funding home health aide services for seniors and veterans. 

Mary on Reproductive Freedom

  • Universal Childcare and Pre-k

  • Paid Parental leaves for a full 12 months

  • Free abortion access and free contraception for all women

  • Single payer health care that includes access to the full spectrum of reproductive health professionals (including doulas, midwives, physicians and nurses).

  • Universal comprehensive sex education that prioritizes safety and consent.

Mary on Transportation

  • Fully funded MTA 

  • Wants to increase accessibility in the NYC transit system.

  • Increase funding for bike lanes so that New Yorkers have commuting options that aren’t cars

  • Supports expanding congestion pricing.  Any money raised by congestion pricing needs to go to public transit, as s the plan on the city level.

  • Supports uber/lyft regulations that happened at the city level, and would want expand those programs.

  • Wants to remove the funding for 500 new police officers in the MTA and instead use that money for improvements and modernizations.

  • Wants to expand the fair fares program to more New Yorkers with the ultimate goal of a free public transit system.

  • Wants to electrify the public buses -- this will save money in the long run, and reduce the public health risks of bus depots in low income communities

  • Wants to increase the number of car free streets in NY to allow for more bike and pedestrian friendly streets.  Mary also wants to increase the number of bus only streets to speed up commute times.

Mary on the Economy

  • Fight austerity as a solution to budget short falls caused by Corona Virus

  • Tax the rich as a solution to budget gaps. Some of the progressive taxes Mary supports include: a billionaires wealth tax, ultra millionaires wealth tax, pied-a-terre tax, and instituting corporate tax reforms.  She is also in support of eliminating the real-estate subsidies 421-a and 485-a

  • Supports the creation of a NY state wide public banking system that invests in the people.  If North Dakota can do it, we can too.

  • Supports ending the classification of gig economy workers as independent contractors, such as California has done. 

  • Supports tenant and residential rent cancelation during Covid

  • End the “3 people in a room” budget process - The budget is arguably the most important document to come out every year at the state level.  We need to find constitutional amendments to involve all democratic lawmakers in this process.

Mary on Democracy

  • Term limits for all New York state assembly members and state senators - Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan has been in office since 1985.  It’s time we institute term limits to encourage new and diverse people to get involved in politics.

  • Campaign finance reform - Statewide races should have strong public finance programs to allow more working class candidates to run.  In NYC, the matching program is 8 to 1.  Mary would fight for a similar program on the statewide level.

  • Supports Automatic Voter Registration and same day voter registration

  • Supports Vote by Mail initiatives as a way to increase voter turnout.